I have been watching episodes of the old Mission: Impossible TV series (Season 2, 1967) starring Peter Graves, et al. They have a gravity the MI movies with Tom Cruise do not have. What is also noteworthy is the mode of labor of men and women at a time before feminism, whatever its virtues, came in and spoiled 50 percent of what goes on in TV shows and movies. Cinnamon Carter, played by the classy Barbara Bain, is a brave agent in one accord with the men she works with. She cooperates with them and they with her, and she harbors no anti-sexist agenda. It must be conceded, though, that the men are decent. (Everyone on the Right Side is decent.) They would never sexually harass anyone. Their attitude toward women is what it should be. In fact I can’t help sensing that Cinnamon knows this and loves it.