Sally Field and Kevin Kline are delightful in the 1991 screwball comedy, Soapdish. Field enacts Celeste, a big fish in a small pond, an egocentric soap-opera star who needs more stability in her life. As Jeffrey, Kline is the put-upon actor who returns to the soap long after Celeste, his former lover, forced him to leave.

Soapdish | May 31, 1991 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

Penned by Andrew Bergman, the movie’s plot is too ramshackle and odd, but the farcical scenes and sight gags are hilarious. Most of the actors are riveting—not Whoopi Goldberg—even if Cathy Moriarty‘s role is a stinker. Robert Downey Jr. is in the cast and does not disappoint. Celeste is driven by narcissism; Downey’s David Barnes, a producer, is driven by lust. But the lust isn’t overplayed.

Soapdish being a comedy, the principals here are en route to a happy ending. Noises Off this isn’t, but I can deem it happy-making. Directed by Michael Hoffman.