Jean Raspail‘s The Camp of the Saints (1973) is, perhaps, a racist book, albeit it is also strikingly relevant to the present time. As of mid-2022, the Biden administration has done a famously awful job of lessening illegal immigration—it wants such immigration—and who knows to what this will lead? It leads to nothing good in Raspail’s powerful French novel, wherein masses of people from India are sailing to France to live and take advantage of the country’s prosperity. In point of fact, Third Worlders everywhere are migrating to Western nations, and the powerless Left welcomes them.

“A framework of international cooperation, socialistically structured” is called for. Curiously, the immigrants clamor for “one religion,” globally, and it isn’t Christianity. These elements remind me of something that was written in National Review magazine in 2013: “while multiculturalism is not necessarily antagonistic to religion per se, it is united with Marxism in a hatred of Christianity specifically.” Welcome to The Camp of the Saints’ new West.