In Suicide Killers, a 2006 documentary by Pierre Rehov, would-be Muslim suicide bombers prove they are eaten up with religion.  Bad religion.  Arabs who abhor the bombers’ violence are here too, and they also are Muslims.  One of them, an Israeli Arab, says he was completely changed by the experience of a Jewish woman dying in his arms after a jihadist explosion.  This is rational, but irrationality is what carries the day.  To a Palestinian terrorist, to kill a Jew is to serve Allah:  One of them tells himself, “You didn’t kill them, God killed them” . . . The Israeli bombing survivors whom Rehov interviews—all of whom are women (why no men?)—are not exactly insouciant about the jihadist attacks.  A woman named Yael was so traumatized she is now “scared of everything.”  I’m glad Rehov didn’t neglect these survivors.

The movie touches on the poverty of the Palestinian people, but also on the tendency of Arab dictatorships to keep their people poor—people who firmly believe in the hereafter and are so often anti-Jewish.  A recipe for terrorist action, this.




Suicide Killers

Suicide Killers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)