In Darkness (2018) is not a Hitchcock-like thriller, even though it wants to be. It features too many banal camera shots. Too, it suffers from a certain banal complexity—banal now—which sometimes confused me. The protag it concerns is a blind young woman (Natalie Dormer) who desires revenge on a Serbian businessman and vicious criminal.

Directed by Anthony Byrne with a screenplay by Byrne and Dormer, at least the film is properly disturbing about straightforward violence. As well, a few impeccable performances emerge, as from Miss Dormer—credible as a blind person and a nifty fit for an espionage thriller. Along with a very attractive elfin face, Dormer has a thin body whose breasts she knows she can be proud of. Her nudity is meant to contribute to the movie’s arthouse look and cred except, unfortunately, In Darkness is not a success.