Without being quite perfect, Tune in for Love (2019) is a very good romantic drama—nigh wonderful, in fact. A Netflix feature made in South Korea, it concentrates on a very young woman, Mi-soo, who is regularly deprived of the opportunity to be with the young man, Hyan-woo, she is infatuated with. Often miles away from her, Hyun-woo himself has feelings for Mi-soo.

Ji-woo Jung, who directed and wrote this, cares about his characters and directs with the deepest sensitivity to the film’s content. Lyricism gathers at the margins. I don’t care for Tune‘s pop tunes, but I do like the “natural” acting of Jung Hae-In, a handsome dude, and Kim Go-eun, a delicate beauty. The movie’s last scene is sublime in a way—sublime for a small artwork.

(In Korean with English subtitles)