Near the end of a moderately good episode of the TV series, Chicago P.D. (Wed., 4/6/2022), a female opioid junkie gets over some injuries in a hospital bed and says to Officer Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), “They’re stingy with their painkillers here.” (She actually says it lightheartedly!) This is another reason never to become a drug abuser. If you get hurt and end up in a hospital, the medical folks will be stingy with the painkillers.

The 4/6/2022 episode (“Keep You Safe”) of Chicago Fire, though rather sentimental, was eminently watchable. The two women of color, Stella Kidd and Violet, are . . . eminently pretty. As a white man I appreciate their saying yes to close relationships with white Severide and white Hawkins. Stella, by the way, is the new firefighters’ lieutenant. Handsome Dude is no longer there, for some reason I didn’t catch.