The inarticulate fall in love in The Boy Downstairs (2017), a film by Sophie Brooks. Diana and Ben, both young, barely know how to verbally express themselves, not at all helped by the fact that Diana, long after a breakup with Ben, unknowingly moves into his apartment building. Ben has a new girlfriend, but after he calls it quits with her, he gets together with Diana. Both are able to say I love you, but have trouble remaining an item. Transience rules. The characters believe there is weight before finding only weightlessness.

Zosia Mamet (Diana) and Matthew Shear (Ben), though nearly overplaying the couple’s uncertainty, carry the picture with verity. Boy‘s first few scenes are considerably stronger than its last few scenes, but director-writer Brooks often avoids predictability and commonplace crassness. I saw the film on Tubi; it deserves a look.