By now, can a TV episode about a baby’s delivery be made interesting?  In its season finale, Jane the Virgin proves it can be.  Sure, the delivery itself comes close to being ho-hum, but everything swirling around it produces the bouncy richness I’ve enjoyed in the best episodes.

Consider the gamut of emotions, mostly in Jane: minutes before giving birth and smiling lovingly at her new son, our heroine gets truly angry at Rafael.  Then, post-birth, she has a warm feeling for him.  Consider also the subplot—or is it plot?—complications yielding a couple of shockers of sorts at the end (e.g., Petra and the . . . sperm).

It’s pretty imaginative.  I wrote in an earlier review that the stakes in Jane never seem very high.  They do now.

Until the fall, then  (when we’ll be saying, “Yay, Rodriguez is back!”)