The Undefeated, Stephen K. Bannon’s  2011 documentary about Sarah Palin, begins with footage of familiar people speaking about Palin in words ranging from insulting to disgusting.

Sarah Palin is not Hitler; she is not a monster.  The loutish haters treat her as though she were.  Bannon’s film is wholly in favor of her, using for voiceover parts of the Going Rogue audiobook and featuring people who used to work with Palin as they talk about her accomplishments.  It’s also a film about Alaska and the oil industry, which became the esteemed governor’s opponent.  (It’s not so much about the John McCain presidential campaign.)

The Undefeated is propaganda, though.  It should have been more intelligently searching.  Bannon still could have shown he was on Palin’s side had he focused on any sensible questions that have been raised about her decisions, her governance, etc.  For example, was her governance in Alaska always conservative—probably not–and if not, why?  Such a thing hardly would have hurt her standing as a right-winger.  Palin’s respect for conservative values has long been evident.

Bannon’s film is technically well-made, but a more incisive pro-Sarah doc would have been a stronger doc.

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