Possibly the best feature-film acting in 1989 was done by Victoria Principal in the TV thriller, Blind Witness. Characters here certainly make a lot of mistakes, and so do the scenarists. The film is ill-written. Intermittently even Richard A. Colla‘s directing is bad, but the performance of VP actually makes BW worthy, a minor winner.

Principal plays a blind woman who knows the police have arrested the wrong baddies for her husband’s murder. In her scenes of bewilderment and terror, Principal gives the movie no less and no more than Liv Ullmann (of Face to Face fame) would have given it. By “no more” I mean she is un-histrionic. The authenticity in her can be rather peculiar, which is fine, but usually it is not—also fine. And Principal is impeccably feminine. Other actors appear in Blind Witness and they’re good. Principal is great.