I never finished reading Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, but I assume it has all the human appeal that pervades the Ang Lee film version of 1996.  Human feelings matter to Lee, a literate and painstaking artist, and Austen’s novel matters to Emma Thompson, who wrote the dandy screenplay.

This was Thompson’s time to shine.  She was intent on being true to Austen and lovably convincing in the role of Elinor Dashwood.  She evokes the state of suffering in silence well, and is nearly as poignant as the effective Kate Winslet (as Marianne Dashwood, a character I was slightly embarrassed by).  Other actors are extraordinary as well:  e.g. Elizabeth Spriggs as Mrs. Jennings.  Congrats to Patrick Doyle for his pleasant music.

Way to go on the adapting, Lee and Thompson.

Sense and Sensibility (film)

Sense and Sensibility (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)