Publicity photo of Loretta Young for Argentine...

Publicity photo of Loretta Young for Argentinean Magazine. (Printed in USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love is News (1937), directed by Tay Garnett, is another old Hollywood comedy about newspaper reporters, shown here to be a shabby lot.  They lie.  Tyrone Power, as a reporter, intends to lie about a well-known heiress he interviews enacted by Loretta Young; but Young turns the tables on him.  She lies about him to a batch of reporters.

Handsome Power has comic verve but no charisma.  Beautiful Young is not a natural for farce but, happily, is never false.  As a managing editor, Don Ameche is a gratifying exhibitor of range.  The film is lively without being very funny (to me) until it turns slapstick, beginning with Power deliberately dropping Young into a mud puddle.  The ending is romantically jaunty.  Love is News is a more-than-okay lark.