Diana Watts is A Teacher (high school; Austin, Texas), with a nice body and a nice high-school boyfriend, Eric, selected from her class. They sleep together, and Diana is fearful that she will be caught and lose her job. But she doesn’t want to lose Eric either.

A question springs up: Is Diana a monster of irresponsibility? Her brother apparently thinks she is neglecting their mother, who seems to have some form of dementia. And eventually she is consumed with emotional need, turning into a basket case.

This 2013 indie film was written and directed by Hannah Fidell. As Diana, Lindsay Burdge shows a perfect understanding of her character’s personality. She is never overwrought and Fidell, for her part, shoots her, including her nudity, with wise discretion. It’s a quite effective item, with too many scenes, perhaps, with short-running dialogue. But I don’t mind that A Teacher is a short-running film, at an hour and 15 minutes long.

(Available on Freevee and Tubi)