With multiple plot strands working in its favor, the most recent Jane the Virgin (last night) was thoroughly palatable.

The cops/criminals strand was intense and surprising, and the not-very-Catholic Jane now wants to have sex.  Temporarily.  She understandably thinks it’s weird to be “a virgin mom,” but this droll sex comedy ends exactly as expected.

There was a lot of romanticizing, though—of various things—done by Jane, Xiomara, Luisa.  We knew it was there because every instance of it made the screen a rosy color.  (You had to be there.)  You should have been there, if you weren’t, to witness the conceited actor Rogelio (Jaime Camil) playing the First Male Feminist and regularly kissing a young and pretty Susan B. Anthony.  A riot.  Also, Petra’s gotten bitchy again.