So the arch-villain in Jane the Virgin is a woman—Rose (Bridget Regan).  What a campy show this is!  And what’s this about her husband getting killed by wet cement that Rose deliberately pours on top of him?

We love this show for its camp.  But in the Chapter 13 episode, we also witness a fairly earnest, somewhat moving account of how a couple confronts the threat of a miscarriage.  Yep, I’m talking about lovable Jane and hard-to-pin-down Rafael.  Jane, you’ll recall, was artificially inseminated by mistake and wants to keep the baby.  It was the mistake of a woman, Dr. Luisa:  When women here aren’t making serious blunders, they’re perpetrating evil!  There’s Rose but there is also Petra, albeit a sympathetic character now.  Not that there’s a real problem with ALL the women, though.  Jane is lovable; and so are her grandmother (Ivonne Coll) and, yes, once trampy mother (Andrea Navedo).

By the way, I have written that Yara Martinez (Luisa) has a conventional beauty and Yael Grobglas (Petra) an unconventional beauty.  Bridget Regan’s is somewhere between the two.