On Monday night’s Jane the Virgin, a woman tells Rogelio, Jane’s father, she would like to have a baby with him since the two have much in common.  For one thing, the woman asserts, they’re both “aging narcissists.”  What other response would Rogelio make than to say something along the lines of “How dare you say that I’m aging!”?

Yeah, the episode gave us that and a whole lot of other things too, even some Hitchcock parody.  Take-baby-to-church Sunday rolled around (Mateo’s first time at Mass) after Alba admonished Jane to see to Mateo’s spiritual development.  The kid is too young for church, however, and—well, though I feared the episode would finally express some kind of banal, fatuous, secular-minded sentiment about religion, it pleasantly did not.

No Petra or Luisa this time.  Instead, pretty Justina Machado showed up, enacting a love dealer (i.e. a matchmaker), a new factor named Darcy Factor.