Like the first Atlas Shrugged film, Atlas Shrugged, Part 2 (2013) is flawed but beguiling. I called it terrific in my review, but, no, that’s too strong. It’s good.

Question: Aren’t the politicians in the picture afraid of being voted out of office? They’re REALLY throwing their weight around, and being foolish and deceitful about the public good. Socialistic thinkers are going to extremes that almost all ordinary Americans would refuse to condone, and it’s behavior related to the big-government endeavors of officeholders today.

Trump aims to use a tariff to try to keep business owners from buying Canadian aluminum. Biden hopes to force religious organizations to partly pay for any contraceptive or abortifacient an employee might wish to possess. Probably, also, he would like to increase taxes for corporations. Nancy Pelosi seizes taxpayers’ money in our Medicare coffers and uses it to shore up Obamacare. Granted, these are not extremes, but it doesn’t matter. They issue from those who exercise power in inappropriate ways—putatively for . . . the public good. It makes sense to see them as close cousins of the socialistic thinkers in AS, Part 2.