The actors in this week’s Jane the Virgin (April 27) really get to emote.  And why wouldn’t they?  The episode, Chapter 20, is replete with figurative wrestling matches as well as a literal one (which, like everything else in the show, is not allowed to become boring).  Petra, egregiously lying, locks horns with Jane, and there is unfortunate stuff between Xiomara and Rogelio too.  Meanwhile, Magda (Priscilla Barnes) does not yet get her comeuppance since an illegal-immigrant wrinkle is tossed in to complicate matters.  (Inevitable, huh?)

Speaking of emoting, it is flatly gratifying what kind of range Gina Rodriguez (Jane) exhibits in this episode.  Jaime Camil, Andrea Navedo and a couple of others are able to handle the range requirement also.  As a police detective, Brett Dier is surprisingly believable, and Barnes is chillingly sober.