I picked up a nonfiction book from 2011 called Sex, Mom & God by Frank Schaeffer, a liberal Christian or . . . something; I don’t know what he is.

Compelled to comment on Sarah Palin’s role as defender of traditional values such as marriage and the family, Schaeffer has written that “Palin was the least ‘submissive’ female imaginable [submissive to her husband, that is].  She misused her children as stage props and reduced her husband to the role of ‘helpmeet’; indeed, he became the perfect example of a good biblical wife.”  (This during the 2008 presidential campaign.)

I am prompted to wonder why a goodly number of my fellow Christians—or whoever—feel they have to write books.  We’d be better off if they didn’t.  That Sarah Palin has failed at submissiveness is probably something God alone should determine, is it not?  The idea that she “misused her children as stage props” (“used” and not misused is the proper word here) is simply absurd, and who would believe there was any such “reduction” of Tod Palin?

For a man to criticize Palin as late as 2011 was sadly ungallant.