Not enough good one-liners crop up, but there are amusingly mad sight gags, to be sure, in Stanley Kramer‘s It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963). And I respect that it’s full of plot and detail—far from indifferent to these elements—and that its cast is, well, largely appealing.

Spencer Tracy is creditable but Sid Caesar is a farce artist not at all uncommanding or charmless, which is practically the case with Terry-Thomas too. Ethel Merman is funny and means comic business while Edie Adams—inadequate in her acting—is at least fetching. And she has more life in her than Dorothy Provine does.

The screenplay is by William and Tania Rose. Theirs is not a great comedy, but they’ve given Mad what most great comedies possess: a certain sadness behind the hilarious occurrences.