Directed by Josh SchwartzFun Size (2012) is a sex comedy for teenagers.  Not a good idea.

It’s “envelope-pushing” crud, and I put envelope-pushing in quotes because that’s merely what the moviemakers believe it to be.  In truth it’s just a naughty nonentity.  A teens-in-trouble romp, it’s incompetently written and not much better directed:  I wasn’t always sure where the camera was taking me.

Yes, there are laughs in Fun Size, but a giant plastic chicken on top of a restaurant falling on a car and appearing to copulate with it is smutty silliness.  Just as offputting is a toad of a young boy, Albert, with his immature scatology.  The movie stars Victoria Justice, who is lovely but bland, and several others who are better.

Those primarily responsible for this thing may be accurately described as big boobs.

(The photo is of Victoria Justice.)

Victoria Justice Image

Victoria Justice Image (Photo credit: jake.auzzie)