The invasion of America is effected by bloodthirsty Soviet and Cuban terrorists. Invasion U.S.A., a Joseph Zito film, was released in 1985.

This is my fellow conservative John Nolte’s favorite Chuck Norris picture, referred to on, as well as my only Norris picture to date. Norris’s Matt Hunter is an agent perfect with a firearm and imperturbable in vexing situations. Watch the police bust into his motel room to arrest him for anti-terrorist vigilante acts and notice how calm he is. (Hunter is the good guy. It reminds me of when U.S. officers are made to get tough with conservatives merely because of their conservative causes.)

Do I agree with Nolte’s words of praise for the film? Substantially, yes. Norris is a dull actor but others in this eye-opener, such as Richard Lynch and Melissa Prophet, are energetic enough to hold us. I like the no-b.s. action, the gunplay power. It’s fun.