Actor Tony Randall

Actor Tony Randall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Edie Adams in a 1965-1966 commercial ...

English: Edie Adams in a 1965-1966 commercial created for Muriel Cigars. Actress and singer Edie Adams was also Mrs. Ernie Kovacs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quite a bevy of characters shows up in Lover Come Back (1961), a Rock Hudson-Doris Day farce.  There is a highly competitive (and rightly so) female professional at an advertising agency (Day), a smart but unprincipled Lothario (Hudson), a top-tier insecure neurotic (Tony Randall), a not-quite-innocent Southern cutie (Edie Adams), a grumbling, misanthropic chemist (Jack Kruschen).  They live in a nonthreatening New York City, albeit the only good character is Day.

As in other early ’60s Hollywood comedies, a colorful, lighthearted title sequence precedes the fluffy, likable action.  With talent Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning have churned out a script which is a cross between Mad Men and You’ve Got Mail.

And I’m sure, after they finally get together, that the Lothario will treat the female pro as right as rain.

Directed by Delbert Mann.