In Mars Needs Women, Yvonne Craig plays a human being. In a late Sixties Star Trek episode (“Whom Gods Destroy”), she plays a space alien. There, the mentally sick, who can be instantly cured, have seized the lockdown spacecraft they are on. Marta (Craig) is one of them, and for her alien state Yvonne’s body was painted light green, though fortunately her always lovable brown hair was left alone.

Craig’s acting is agreeable. She tries hard to create a naive and fearful character—-a flatly sexy one too. (Those poses!) Her bare legs are dancer’s legs, muscular. Setting out to be a professional dancer not an actress, Miss Craig is allowed to dance—and does so adeptly—in this episode! It is the highlight of a decently written production. It’s just too bad that the villain of the piece finally snuffs Marta out. He is sick.