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“Brokeback Mountain”: No Thanks – A Movie Review

Star-crossed lovers — the poster was fashioned...

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The famous picture about two “cowboys” working with livestock who initiate a homosexual love affair in 1963, Brokeback Mountain (2005) tells us that sexual and emotional self-denial is an unfortunate, even a tragic, thing.  It’s wrong:  What it should be telling us that such self-denial CAN BE an unfortunate thing, not simply that it is.  Pretty simpleminded message.


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  1. To connect it in real life, self-denial can be very frustrating… Denial of truth can make a person unhappy and not contented with life. Admittance of truth, even if it hurts will let us live freely. Without worries that you are hiding something because you keep denying to yourself the painful realities of life.

  2. Vilma

    This movie tells about self denial, but as long as your not accepting the the realities. all your life
    you will live of worries.

  3. Jewel

    Great movie, Learn a lot from this one. Specially knowing and accepting your true identity.

  4. Yvonne

    I really like the acting of the late Heath Ledger, and this movie is very realistic because a lot of this situation really exist.

  5. Kisha

    That sounds like a great movie.. You really have a great review! Keep posting some more!

  6. olivia34newton

    hmmm intriguing story! 🙂 i think i will like this movie.

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