On Justin Kurzel‘s Macbeth:

Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) stands in the midst of war slaughter. How is it possible for the man to gaze at the Weird Sisters without being cut down by an enemy soldier? Well, because the Weird Sisters are witches with their deceptive magic. No doubt they are keeping Macbeth alive by their dark arts.

It becomes evident that this 2015 effort is Macbeth as cosmic nightmare: figuratively, of course. Two blinded sinners, Macbeth and his wife, are observers of, and culpable for, much violent death. Fassbender is memorable: his Macbeth is a less than stable mediocrity, a gullible brute. Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth is persuasive. A lot of the bold and eerie images here we have seen before, though the film is properly insidious. And I agree with Armond White that Fassbender and Cotillard “got to a spiritual essence in Justin Kurzel’s hallucinatory” motion picture.