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The Tracey Fragments

The Tracey Fragments is a movie reviewed for ya by my bro Dean D.  Check it out and see if you agree. I plan on it. Especially since I never even heard of it.

Ellen Page stars as Tracey Berkowitz, an anguished, bullied, self-hating Canadian teenager in a film improbable and extravagant. Page’s acting is incisive, but her character is burdened with parents who are arrant fools, both of them, and she herself goes off to search for her much younger brother, Sonny, who has been missing for two days. It must be said it seems a hopeless quest: how does she know he wasn’t abducted? And get this: he disappeared after Tracey hypnotized the boy into thinking he was a dog! Tracey is mercilessly bullied by girls and boys alike. What, really, is behind this? Even her temporary boyfriend ends up being mean to her. Maureen Medved’s screenplay leaves the impression that no one likes the fact that Tracey has no breasts.

The next subject is the work of director Bruce McDonald. His multi-frame procedure, with freeze frames, distortions, repeated snatches of speech, etc. hauled in, is actually multi-frame artiness. Rarely was I pleased with it.


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  1. I totally adored Ellen Page in Juno. But I haven’t heard of The Tracey fragments. But it seems that the storyline is a bit depressing. Why does it seem that everybody bullies her? Is there some sort of redeeming factor for Tracy here? Anyway, maybe I should watch it myself.

  2. I just watched the trailer on Youtube – I see what you mean, the multi-frame technique seems overdone but it’s hard to tell from a trailer…

    Having said that, I will probably check this out as I like “dark” films and Ellen Page is great. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen or heard of this before – it was probably straight-to-DVD down here in Australia.

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