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The Little-Seen Failure, “Before the Rains” – A Movie Review

The Merchant Ivory film, Before the Rains (2007), is a wonderland of rich scenery.  Set in India, it was photographed by its director, Santosh Sivan.  Too bad a second-rate story, with the character of a British colonialist in 1937 given short shrift, wrecks the enterprise.  In fact, a whole lotta hogwash is here.

Linus Roache supplies a little too much on-the-surface acting as the colonialist, but is passable.  Rahul Bose is largely uninteresting as an Indian right-hand man.  The women, Nandita Das and Jennifer Ehle, however, have their hearts in it and never make a false move.  Put another way, no surface stuff.  If you’re drawn at all to this film, see it for these two performances.

Before the Rains

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  1. jlem1125

    I’ve seen this movie! My aunt had a copy of this. The story is not that good for me but the palces where it was shot was absolutely fantastic!

  2. Kyrra

    This is really awesome!!I want to watch this…

  3. Annie

    I have also seen this and all I can say is that I really love this movie…

  4. Natzie

    A very interesting review.. That sounds like a great movie.. I will definitely add it to my list of movies that we are going to watch this weekend..

  5. Rachelle

    Reading your review captures my interest with this movie. I will look for a copy of this.

  6. Marquita

    I have watched this movie… The story flow is fine but the places are fantastic! I still enjoyed watching it…

  7. Sea

    I want to see this movie and I hope I will like it too…

  8. Zeny

    I am not familiar with this movie but I want to watch it…

  9. Violet

    haven’t seen this movie yet, never heard of it too. but i will find a copy co’z i am intrigued of the story.

  10. Jewel

    hmm interesting! now i’m curious about this movie.

  11. Perrie

    That is a great preview of the movie.. I will definitely watch this..

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