I doubt that the Christian film Courageous (2012) speaks to very many nonbelievers since it is overflowing with evangelical spirituality and is not at all subtle.  Alex Kendrick did a lot of work here—he directed, stars in, and co-wrote the flick with his brother Stephen—but the finished product is neither art nor admirable craft.  It concerns fatherhood, and Christian living for fathers, and although I agree with the religious and pro-family propaganda, propaganda is what it is and so does not belong in fictional cinema.

The Kendricks’ previous film, Fireproof, was somewhat better.  For all its weaknesses, it fascinates—and its drama is relevant to subject and theme.  That’s not always the case with the un-fascinating Courageous.

Courageous (film)

Courageous (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)