Standing Proud |Captain America: The Winter So...

Standing Proud |Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review (Photo credit: BagoGames)

The noise made over drones and the NSA may well be fatuous,* but Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) projects these things into the future to do its scrutinizing, if that’s what it is, of What Could Come About (beware).  In light of this and the powerful action, the pic is a no-b.s. concoction (though not without humor).  Highlights include a slick, smashingly fine auto chase and a tense bait-and-switch followed by gunfire within a government building.

Robert Redford is in the film, playing an intelligence director, a glorifier of security over freedom.  Subtly commanding, he is still a remarkable actor—unlike Chris Evans, who is just okay as Capt. America.  Scarlett Johansson, on the other hand, is inspired enough to make Natasha/Black Widow (who?) more or less interesting.  Winter Soldier has two film editors and two directors, which was perhaps requisite for its technical perfection.

*Or maybe it isn’t.