In Like Crazy, from 2011, Felicity Jones is natural and likable in the role of Anna, an English girl attending college in Los Angeles. Anton Yelchin is graceful and credible as Jacob, the American student she is quickly attracted to. She wants to know him, a love affair is born. Themes include long-distance relationships, the testing of the heart, fear and uncertainty when a marriage partner is not fully known or understood. As it happens, Anna deliberately overstays her visa in America to avoid betraying, in a way, herself and Jacob but, later in the film, there are other actions which flatly feel like betrayals to both of them.

LC is a pretty decent film, especially if one has not seen an abundance of romantic dramas. Directed with too many fancy touches by Drake Doremus, its astute screenplay was co-written by him and Ben York Jones. Nudity is absent and profane talk is kept at a minimum. (Sex is another matter.) Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhead are notably savvy as Anna’s parents.