Medicare-for-all, Mr. Sanders?

No doubt the socialists among us believe we can have such a thing, and, truth to tell . . . we can.  In fact we can something far better than Medicare—but not through socialism.  It can be attained through spending cuts (and, yes, entitlement cuts), a reasonable surtax on the well-to-do, and the elimination  of government waste.  Medicare and Medicaid are stupidly, egregiously wasteful; and little have politicians cared.  They don’t sufficiently care about spending cuts either.  Correlatively, they’re unconcerned about dismayingly high medical costs for the lower middle class and even the poor.  THEY think the answer for the poor is Medicaid.  It isn’t.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is wasting her time proposing that the U.S. nationalize all billion-dollar businesses.  It’s an unserious idea at a time when politicians’ unseriousness could become the bane of our existence.