SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the latest (June 23) episode.

In my view, the final season of the old 24 series was lousy.  For one thing, Jack Bauer committed the immoral act of shooting down an unarmed Katee Sackhoff.  In the reboot, he throws an unarmed Margot Al-Harazi (Michelle Fairley) out of a high window—just like Jezebel—but no one cares because Margot is so incredibly, appallingly evil.  Just like Jezebel.

Other individual deaths have occurred as well.  Sorry to see you go, Jordan. . . I’m not sure whether Margot’s daughter Simone (the very pretty Emily Berrington) is dead 0r not, but I don’t think so.  She’s had quite an experience with vehicles lately (being hit by a bus, being involved in an insane car chase).  Everybody is waiting to see when Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) gets it in the neck.  How do so many cold-blooded “moles,” which is what Navarro is, manage to get inside CTU?  Why such background check deficiencies?