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Observing “The Artist” – A Movie Review

A mostly silent film made in black and white, The Artist (2011) is a novelty piece which ought to have had a better plot.  Its value lies in its details and its cast (Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo are as self-assured and winning as it is possible to be).  There is another asset too:  The Artist is moving.

No, I don’t believe it’s a masterpiece, but I’m glad I saw it.

Written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius.


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  1. AnnaLou

    This looks definitely awesome! Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank for providing me with an honest opinion of “The Artist” as a silent movie Base d on what your have said it probably woth seeing.

  3. Ellai

    I think this is one of the best posts and review I have read ever…

  4. Nicole Schuman

    It’s like your watching an old movie. Great reviews! Kudos!

  5. Vicky

    Thanks for the great review of “The Artist” I hope there’s something more from you to share with us…

  6. Raye Grimm

    Amazing film, I laughed when I heard jean dujardin was nominated for the golden globe, because I always knew? him as a comedian like in Brice De Nice. I went to watch it anyway and was completly amazed at the performance.

  7. GelliAnnh

    Thanks for the movie review here Dean…I know this is an awesome movie for me…

  8. Arline

    “The artist” sounds good in my ears, It can be a master piece to all of us… I can’t wait to have it…

  9. Shane28

    Thanks for your honest review with this movie… I think I should see this too.

  10. Katharina25

    Thanks for this review! Sounds interesting movie to me. I should watch this too!

  11. YnnaRada

    I think this is a very interesting movie watch. Thanks for the post and for the review.

  12. I saw The Artist and despite being interesting, I don’t really think silent black and white films are my thing. I heard a lot of great reviews which is why I watched it in the first place, but I couldn’t ever really get into it.

    • dean

      I myself could just barely get into it. Thanks for the response.

  13. I will watch this movie so interesting movie review.

  14. I am not often watching black and white movie so I will check this movie.

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