It would appear that late Sixties Italy, like all other countries, needs reform. It can’t happen without the rule of law, and men in power ought never to be “above suspicion” for a serious offense. A police inspector who oddly murders his mistress, Augusta, knows he probably is; but doesn’t want to be.

This is Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (1970), by Italy’s Elio Petri. Surely this is not meant to be satire, for if it is, it’s a bad film. Satire is comic and hyperbolic; Petri’s film is just hyperbolic (to an extent). It is a weird political drama, memorably made. Actor Gian Maria Volonte, as the police inspector, is outstanding at being a crazy-like-a-fox fellow and tough guy. Virile and forceful, his presence in the film is absolutely needed. Compellingly Florinda Bolkan plays Augusta. The movie’s young revolutionaries are trite now, even if Investigation is an interesting study of power and justice.

(In Italian with English subtitles)