A Woody Allen movie without humor, Match Point (2005) is meant to be a philosophically disturbing thriller. And it is, which is good, for all its imperfections. Allen’s dialogue usually threatens to break down, but a little less of that tendency exists here. Still, the talk ain’t great.

Neither does Allen score any points, match or otherwise, for originality. I like the intensity of several scenes, though, and the cast is admirable. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers works hard and is never false as the sexually unfaithful ex-pro tennis player, Chris. Scarlett Johansson is delightfully good-looking in face, hair and covered bosom; and is dramatically effective. If Emily Mortimer ever needs to transcend Allen’s material here, she does so. MP is a crowd pleaser, even if Chris turns out to be dumb enough, unfortunately, to get the Johansson character pregnant.