In the 1998 Autumn Tale, by Eric Rohmer, a widow, Magali, might find love through the machinations of her best friend, the married Isabelle. But she won’t find it through the efforts of young Rosine, who doesn’t quite want to lose the affections of Etienne, the older man to whom Rosine is steering Magali. And we find she doesn’t want to be replaced by a lover just as young, which Magali is not, as Rosine.

Intelligently does Rohmer handle the subject of personality in human relationships, and this is another of his low-key, morally conservative pictures. Captivating characters are played by talented thespians. Isabelle is all charm, Rosine is all mature concern; Marie Riviere and Alexia Portal, respectively, act them palatably. Beatrice Romand (Magali), Alain Libolt, and Didier Sandra are flawless in their savvy. Autumn Tale is a good opus from Rohmer’s autumn.

(In French with English subtitles)