Underwater, and abovewater, seascapes abound and offer much in the Pixar cartoon feature, Finding Nemo (2003).  I couldn’t catch everything the fast-talking sea creatures said, but I saw the sights.

Triple-colored clown fish suspended (floating) above the anemone, legions of pink, transparent jellyfish filling the frame, a distant white light and the distant underside of a boat in depths either dim or utterly black, a scary overhead shot of greedy sea gulls beginning to cover the wooden dock on which two appetizing fish out of water lay.

Really, human-like fish are a puny subject for a narrative movie, but Nemo reminds us that a strange and fascinating underwater world is there.  I have no interest in the script, one which children will enjoy, but was indeed turned on by the visual beauty and thrills.

Cover of "Finding Nemo"

Cover of Finding Nemo