Liberty Island is a website that publishes stories whose meaning is essentially conservative.  So far I have read several of them, one of which, Jamie Wilson’s “Murder at CPAC” (2014), is a tasty spoof and then some.  More than a spoof.  In the noir thriller mode, it’s nicely unpredictable (for all the clichés) and engaging.  Its ending resembles that of Kiss Me Deadly, and the message is about progressives not being able to face the TRUTH.

Few liberals will like “Murder at CPAC”, if any of them read it.  (CPAC, of course, stands for Conservative Political Action Conference.)  But I suspect that conservatives, libertarians and some apolitical people will like it.

Another story is “Beautification Claws” (2014), a clever fantasy by Karina Fabian.  Here, a jejune girl confronts the talking dragon that protects a crime-ridden neighborhood.  The theme is the need of certain vicinities not for Great Society luxuries like beautification but for constant, big-guns security.  First things first.

There is admirable wit in these tales, and they are not just meant to entertain.  No, sir.

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