It is inarguably a fine thing that there are good guys in Westerns, especially one like The Broken Star (1956) wherein even a deputy marshal, Frank Smeed (Howard Duff), is depraved. A greedy murderer, this one, and he can’t get the better of his honorable friend, Deputy Marshal Bill (Bill Williams), although he assuredly tries. Without Bill and additional “good guys,” the movie’s depravity would become suffocating. One of the “good guys” is Conchita (Lita Baron), Bill’s love interest. Frank Smeed doesn’t deserve a love interest and doesn’t have one.

I am unfamiliar with director Lesley Selander‘s many other flicks, but this one is a manfully handled B product. Nobody here is a pretty-boy westerner or (of course) a wimp. A barroom fight scene means business. There is plenty of spot-on assertiveness and dark-haired Baron is all woman. Hooray! I must see some other Selander movies.