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Another Time Around the Block: “The Amazing Spider-Man” – A Movie Review

The first half of the new version of Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man (2012)–is quite captivating and even disturbing as it tells of Peter Parker’s becoming the titular hero and his fighting the Big Mutant.  But the second half is clunky and somewhat boring.  Why, I have to ask, is Gwen Stacy’s policeman father such a fool?  He obviously thinks he can take on the Big Mutant without Spider-Man’s help.  (He can’t.)

Andrew Garfield is fine as Spider-Man.  So is Emma Stone as Gwen, and although the role is underwritten, Gwen is plainly both a strong female and a romantic.  In a pleasing scene, Peter Parker hesitantly begins to tell the girl about the astonishing spider bite he recently received.  “I’ve been bitten,” he murmurs.  “So have I,” Gwen replies, looking softly at Peter.

But a lot of not-so-pleasing stuff is here too.  I actually consider Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002), insipid as it occasionally is, a somewhat better entertainment.

The Amazing Spider-Man #121: "The Night G...

The Amazing Spider-Man #121: "The Night Gwen Stacy Died". Cover art by John Romita Sr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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  1. Collen

    From childhood to till now my favorite comic.

  2. I have watched the amazing spider man. The actor is so handsome. He is one of my favorite actors.

  3. My brother and I have already watched this amazing spider man. I could say the movie is so nice.

  4. I love all the series of Spiderman. For sure this is a nice movie.

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