Four men should have come up with a more agreeable plot than that which exists in the Bob Hope comedy, Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number (1966), directed well enough by George Marshall.  In silly ways a movie star, Didi, is used to move the plot along, but the screenwriters finally acquit themselves with Hope’s one-liners and much of the fun slapstick.

Hope plays a real estate agent who foolishly helps Didi, the sexy actress who runs away from the movie industry, all the while necessarily trying to conceal this from his wife.  With Wrong Number, Hollywood produced a family film that tries for mid-60s sophistication through one person only:  Elke Sommer (Didi).  Though offering no surprises, she is quite good in her role, and her bare legs are good in theirs.  But there is no smut; there is commercial appeal, rickety as the whole thing is.  And there is funny Hope figuring that Phyllis Diller must tend to her looks with an egg beater.