The only thing I know about the Parker Brothers board game “Clue” is that a 1985 Hollywood movie is based on it.

Not without wit, not without slapstick, Jonathan Lynn‘s Clue is a comedic—nay, a farcical—mystery flick.  The final, true reveal at the end is not as captivating as what comes before it, and isn’t meant to be.  A zippy ride to the conclusion, just to give pleasure, is all Lynn and co-screenwriter John Landis are after.

Most of the actors shine.  Tim Curry is all poise and charm.  Smartly Michael McKean plays a sometimes hysterical State Department man, while Lesley Ann Warren thrills as a cynical lawbreaker.  Madeline Khan is damnably under-used, but Eileen Brennan is electric.  Attractive too.  The younger Colleen Camp is extra-attractive:  what a body in this body of thespians!