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10 in ’07: The Most Recent “Ten Commandments” – A Movie Review

Why another movie about Moses, even from a Bible-series production company–Promenade Pictures?  I don’t know, except that this Ten Commandments, from 2007, covers material well beyond the liberation of the children of Israel from Egypt.  Not only are the plagues there, so is the constant carping of the Israelites in the desert, the heavenly provision of water and manna, the worship of the golden calf, and much praying by a harried Moses.  In point of fact, it is a movie somewhat more about God than about the great Hebrew leader who follows Him, and this too makes it distinctive. 

The dialogue is certainly less imaginative than that in Cecil B. DeMille’s film, but the Promenade Pictures TTC offers captivating, CGI-heavy animation.  I like it despite the characters’ being quite robotic.  God, by the way, is voiced by Elliott Gould!   But it works. 

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  1. Tisha38

    I was curious in this movie about who will survive because in most movies like this, a woman always survive. It’s really a great catching movie for everyone especially for those who can relate with the situation of family quarrel and misunderstandings. I felt sad for the father and the kid knowing that the kid had realizations but the father died.

  2. Samantha

    The ten commandments or the bible does not have copyright. God gave us the scripture, so that we can learn about him. If the bible was copyright all the different interpretations would be allowed. For example, taking the bible and making a kids bible out of it.

  3. Grey

    God is everything, and the ten commandment is a sacred written word of God that served as role of all the nature in doing good things to one another….

  4. Ma.Dharess

    I think this kind of movie will be liked by most people especially thse who are very faithful and trusts God…He is our Saviour and we should look after this movie…

  5. Shanel

    It’s always feel good to lift up our hearts with God, I won’t missed to watch this inspirational movie…

  6. Beatriz

    I really love attending and listening with the worship word of God, is such refreshing to have it all… Ten commandment is God’s law were everyone’s consider it first…

  7. Cley

    I love reading and listening word of God.. especially the Ten Commandments..

  8. I really love watching this movie since it is about Ten Commandments of God.

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